14 Days of Love, 14 Days of Gifts


It’s that time of year where we look fondly to our significant other and show them how much we appreciate them with gifts and dates and a lot of other things that cost money.

Well, PYS.com is looking to all of you this year–because you’re all significant to us. We’re showing love with a small gift–a free keychain–with any purchase of the item of day, for 14 days!


Feb 1: Hello Kitty

Feb 2: Beats by Dre

Feb 3: Han Cholo

Feb 4: Any Sunglasses

Feb 5: Womens Reebok Shoes

Feb 6: Sneaktip

Feb 7: Womens Asics Onitsuka

Feb 8: Tokidoki

Feb 9: Jump from Paper

Feb 10: U-Lace

Feb 11: JSLV

Feb 12: Neff

Feb 13: TITS

Feb 14: DC

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